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  • Only unpublished, original, scientific papers will be accepted.
  • The manuscript should not contain more than 10 pages, standard size (A4), abstracts containing no more than 200 words.
  • The manuscript should comprise the title of the article, short abstract and no more than six keywords.
  • The author(s) should provide full name(s), academic degree(s) and the name, address, phone and fax number of his (their) institution.
  • Papers should be submitted in English.
  • Authors must follow the instructions in the template for proper formatting their paper. All figures, graphs and tables must be integrated into the manuscript where author wishes to place them. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically via email:
  • If your submission does not follow the template format, your manuscript will be sent back for corrections.
  • Reference should be cited in the text. The numbers cited in the text should be enclosed in square brackets and should correspond the numbers cited in the list of references.
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 Template for articles

ISSN 1451-107X (PRINT) 

ISSN 2406-1069 (ONLINE) 

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